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E-P1/E-P2 to Aperture RAW convertor

As a proud owner of an Olympus E-P1 and a longtime user of Aperture, it was frustrating not to be able to import .ORF files from the E-P1/2 into Aperture.

I read somewhere on the internet that by opening the ORF file in a text editor you could change just a few characters and Aperture would think the files came from an Olympus E-30 and therefore be able to read them. I tried this.. and it worked.

This got me thinking, and even though I am not a programmer, I realised that it should be possible to write an Applescript application that would do this for me.

E-P1 to Aperture RAW and E-P2 to Aperture RAW are the results of my efforts.

It isn't the greatest bit of programming ever, and it can be a little temperamental at times, but it does do the job.

It runs only on Snow Leopard... I have no idea why... as I said I am not a programmer. It doesn't touch your original files, but rather copies them and performs its wild magic on the copy.

It runs only on English versions of Snow Leopard. If there is enough interest I could attempt a localisation to French and maybe German. Leave a comment if this is of interest

As an exercise in exploring the world of e-commerce and giving fellow Aperture/E-P1/E-P2 a little something that might help them spend less time at the computer and more time taking photos I am offering this little utility for the grand sum of 5 euros.

There is a review here


Why a facefullofbees ?

Why a facefullofbees.com?... well its a phrase that makes me laugh.... sometimes hysterical tears down the face type laughter. No idea why it does, but since the day I first heard it during a conversation with good friends Graham and Martin at a lunchbreak in a long forgotten Paris Apple Expo, it has been a surefire way to tip me over the edge in the giggling department.

So when I was sitting around one evening after one too many vodkas trying to come up for a domain name for a site that as of yet has no clear purpose it struck me... why not facefullofbees.com? It means nothing in particular, but should be memorable, and it will always make me smile when I say it.

So thanks to godaddy.com we have the domain and we are live


Lessons learned


My First Stop Motion

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