Testing stuff
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Testing slideshows

Just found a way to embed little flickr slideshows in my blog page  - this could be fun.


These are shots taken on a Olympus E-510 with the rather tasty and hard to find Panasonic Leica 25/1.4



An Aperture Tutorial

A lazy Sunday afternoon, and I thought I would try and put together a very quick Aperture tutorial. Maybe I will do some more - depends on the feedback I suppose.

The idea was to produce something short that shows how I use Aperture to do something, in this case convert a picture to B/W.




Paris Marathon 2010

Nope... didn't run it... but did get out of bed at an ungodly sunday morning hour... OK 9.00... to go take photos. Too many shots for flickr so thought i would try the Aperture 3 slideshow feature. Creating the show was a breeze... export to a movie was a little more convoluted than it should have been... enjoy...

its not as good as the real photos ...  but you get the idea


Apple delivers...

Today Apple posted updates to Aperture 3 and Digital Camera Support that effectively makes my little applications redundant.

Owners of E-P1 and E-P2 who are still using Aperture 2 may still find those convertors useful - but I would in all seriousness recommend upgrading to both Snow Leopard and Aperture 3 for the best experience available for photo management and editing.

A big thanks to everyone who visited this site and purchased my little applications. It was an exercise for me in exploring the world of e-commerce, and as such has been very enlightening.

Not sure in which direction this site will now go - but it will concentrate on photography related subjects




A mention in the British Journal of Photography

Edmond Terakopian, award winning photographer has kindly mentioned my E-P1/E-P2 RAW convertor for Aperture in his review of the E-P2 for the British Journal of Photography.

Thanks to Edmond and checkout his blog here